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You can customize your lanyard with a woven label or with a rubber. Check out our template section to see how you can do it.

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Glossy Textured – Synthetic fiber increasingly used in the preparation of technical fabrics, due to its durability, it is today one of the most used fibers in the textile industry.
Antibacterial – Developed on the basis of an application of a thin layer of silver to ensure greater effectiveness against microorganisms and the appearance of unpleasant odors from moisture and heat.
Aloe-Vera – Provides a pleasant feeling of energy balance in the body contributing to your well-being.
Anti-UV – It has unique filtering characteristics, to improve the properties of protection against the sun, having several textile applications and more.
Recycled Yarn – This polyester that comes from PET is the great rediscovery of plastic, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact. The yarn is made as follows:

-The bottles are collected, washed and separated.
-They pass through melting at a temperature of 300º C.
-The drawing is carried out.
-Transforming the fiber into wire.

Anti-Mites – Yarn specially formulated for use in the textile industry (mattresses, carpets, home textiles, etc.). It is an inhibitor against the existence of mites.
Hydrophilic – Keeps the body dry, increasing comfort thanks to its flexible fiber structure that allows moisture to be transported outside.
Repellent to oil and dirt – Treatment giving the fiber that helps and offers superior resistance to abrasions, effectively repels grease, oil and dirt, the fabric maintains its new appearance for longer.